Our Scholarships & Bursaries

Our Scholarships & Bursaries

Accessibility to the fruits of a Jesuit education is important at Xavier. Our pursuit of excellence in all humanity, caring for the individual and the whole person in order to form men and women of faith who engage critically and work for justice in the world underpins our perspective and actions and is anchored in our guiding principles.
Further, at Xavier, we celebrate the diversity of interests and abilities in all of our students. We understand that every child is different.  Within their unique being, lies their capacity to be discovered, challenged and enhanced.

Xavier strives to support our student cohort in various and specific ways.

In association with the generosity and giving of the Xavier Foundation, the College is pleased to be able to offer a number of scholarships.

Opportunities to prospective and current students. The scholarships are offered from Year 7 and are available in the fields of:

  • Academic excellence
  • Music and Creative Arts excellence
  • Boarding

Our commitment to inclusion and understanding also extends to the care we provide for our current or prospective families for whom our fees might represent a financial barrier or who might encounter necessitous circumstances and fee assistance to maintain their Jesuit education at Xavier. Means-determined support or bursaries are possible where funds might be available and upon application.

Application for a Xavier College Bursary can be commenced through this link.

For further information, contact admissions@xavier.vic.edu.au